How Do I Make an Appointment at TLC?

We have a variety of options for you to generate an appointment with us at Trout Lake Clinic.  You may have not yet noticed, but we recently added a “Booking” tab on the homepage of our website, which allows you the option to directly request an appointment with Dr. Harpe, even if not currently a TLC member, with slots open M-F currently between 8:30AM – Noon, and appointments booked around 30 minute increments.  Also, feel free to email us at or call the office (509) 395-2134, to request an appointment time/date that will work for you, as we do see patients routinely in the clinic through 4PM, and will make special arrangements for other hours on a case-by-case scenario. Shanea’s Nutritional Therapy appointments will need to be booked through the office, as we do not have online booking available for her at this time.  We offer free 15 minute consultations for anyone interested in learning more about the clinic and answers to enrollment and benefit options, during our daily hours.  Since opening 20 FEB 2017, we are still assessing when routine appointment hours should occur, and the additional requirements we juggle as we operate and manage our new clinic with presently, just Shanea and I.  Eventually, I dream of hiring a Medical Assistant to assist me in the clinic, although that will come after I have enough enrolled members to justify a part/full-time staff and finances to support.  Presently, I try to be in the office from 8AM-4PM, as much as possible.  At this time, I am still covering the occasional, rare ER shift in Goldendale, in order to support the clinic expenses financially.  I have not yet posted specific business hours on our website and office, as we are still assessing hours, community needs, and additional business or other tasks we must juggle into the weekly schedule; however, as mentioned above, I am typically here M-F from 8AM-4PM, unless otherwise engaged.  Individuals who elect to become TLC members can rest assured that if they need acute care even after I am not at the clinic, they can contact me directly and we will either get you an appointment in short order, or elect to see you in the clinic when you need.  I hope this helps.  Don’t be afraid to contact us and ask any questions that you might have, as we look forward to meeting you, and hopefully achieving your needs!

Respectfully, Dr. Harpe

TLC Opens Monday,20 FEB 2017

Monday, 20 FEB 2017, we will officially open Trout Lake Clinic!  Finally, after an extended year of extensive remodeling the clinic will finally open its doors to medical care for Trout Lake and surrounding small communities.  We are excited to be here and hope you will consider teaming up with us to work together towards a healthier you!  We are here for both your chronic and acute care needs.  If you have additional questions about enrollment or what Trout Lake Clinic has to offer, or how it might serve your medical needs, not clearly answered on the website, feel free to call us (509) 395-2134 and set up a free 15 minute appointment to discuss and/or answer your questions.  Our mission is to serve the rural community of Trout Lake and nearby small towns.  Dr. Harpe will be in the office from 8:30AM-4PM M-F, he is also available for TLC member’s acute care needs after hours and on the weekends.  Soon, we will hopefully have created online appointment booking on our website.  Thanks for considering your care with Trout Lake Clinic!

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a state approved medical program developed by physicians fed up with the headaches, hassles, extra and unnecessary costs, and barriers created by insurance companies getting their money greedy fingers entwined in care delivery by a primary care clinic.  DPC is not insurance, but rather is a medical service designed to simplify and improve medical care delivery to the consumer.  Unlike Concierge Care, DPC is designed to be fully affordable and obtainable by all economic income levels.  DPC is based upon a cash membership fee that provides you with full access to your provider and their contact information, as we all know acute care needs can crop up even after office hours have ended.  Most all services that can be provided within the walls of the primary care clinic are included in your monthly fee, and you can see your provider when you want, with the time to address your health needs, and with no extra hidden fees or copays.  Essentially, the goal is a partnership between your provider and you, with the hope of improving your overall health, and providing peace of mind that your physician is there for you when you need.

Check out this great cartoon video developed by another DPC practice (R health), as it is very helpful in explaining Direct Primary Care and the benefits it provides:

[vimeo 103266417 w=640 h=360]

TLC Open House: SAT, 4 FEB 2017, 10-4

All are welcome to come and see the transformation of the previous duplex, across from Trout Lake Grocery, into (soon to open) Trout Lake Clinic, during our open house, on Saturday, 4 FEB 2017, from 10AM to 4PM.  We will be present to answer any questions about clinic enrollment, Direct Primary Care, and/or what options are available for care delivery from TLC.  We hope to have you stop by and see the amazing craftsmanship handiwork, thanks to my amazing brother-in-law, Luke Lambert, and limitless knowledge and skills of local, Bill Lute!


Welcome To Trout Lake Clinic (TLC)

As we quickly approach the opening of Trout Lake Clinic, located right across the street from Trout Lake Store, I get very excited, but also I do feel a little stress, as the interior doors have not yet arrived, and there are many elements to yet get in place before we can open.  My wife, Shanea, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and I will, if all goes on schedule, will be having an Open House on Saturday, 4 FEB 2017, from 10AM to 4PM, for anyone to stop on by and see the significantly remodeled building, meet my wife and I, learn more about TLC and Direct Primary Care, and the services that we plan to offer here in Trout Lake.  We will be accepting all ages into our practice, and at the present time do not have an intended enrollment cap, other than a limit of 50 enrollees from outside of the Trout Lake, BZ, Husum, Appleton, Snowden, and Glenwood communities.  The reason for the current enrollment cap outside of those locations is to prevent a flood of people from outside the local community seeing the highly economical bargain rates we offer for medical care, and traveling extended distances, when they already have plenty of adequate care in their respective communities.  Our mission is to serve the local community in and around Trout Lake specifically, with intent to work with our enrolled patients toward a team and inspiring effort to achieve improved levels of health.  Their will be the available option for individuals electing not to become members, to seek out acute appointments not already booked by TLC members, although there will be a fee for service at each visit for non-members, plus the potential for additional itemized costs based upon care delivered and products/materials/time utilized.  I hope to be able to show you the benefits of being a member, with the potential to reduce your current insurance coverage to a higher deductible catastrophic plan, with included full access to myself (through my cell ph, email), should an acute need arise outside of regular business hours.

Shanea and I are so happy that we moved to beautiful Trout Lake, upon my retirement from military service.  We are excited to meet our “neighbors” and hope that we can help you achieve greater levels of health.  Come check us out.  “We care about you!”


Dr. Harpe