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About Dr. Harpe

 Marshal Harpe grew up on a small farm in Amboy Washington before heading off to the U.S. Naval Academy upon graduation from high school.  He was part of the “Top Gun” era, and had planned on flying jets upon graduation, like most of the other Midshipmen.  Dreams of being a pilot were quickly dismantled when he sustained several serious medical conditions and ended up spending an extended period of time in the hospital recovering.  This experience derailed flying plans but opened his eyes and inspired him to a future in medicine.  After a short tour as a Naval Supply Officer, Dr. Harpe’s medical career took root.
 Marshal Harpe attended and graduated from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, with a Doctor of Osteopathy degree in 2000.  He returned to active duty service with the Navy as a Medical Officer and went on to complete  internships in both Family Practice and Surgery,  a year of Orthopedic Residency training, and a Family Practice Residency at Naval Hospital Bremerton.  Dr. Harpe served tours with the U.S. Navy onboard two ships, an overseas tour with the U.S. Marines, and a remote tour as the Senior Medical Officer to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.  He deployed two times to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.  He retired at Naval Hospital Oak Harbor in 2016, after 28 years of Naval Service.
 Dr. Harpe learned about Direct Primary Care through a training conference he attended near the end of his Naval Service and immediately realized the value of this type of practice model, placing the physician patient relationship at the core of practice, while eliminating the barriers, restrictions, and added costs of the interfering insurance provider.  With inspiration of a better way to practice medicine and starting on a new chapter in his life and career, Dr. Harpe moved with his family to the beautiful valley of Trout Lake, with a vision to bring affordable, life changing medical care to the rural and medically underserved small town of Trout Lake and neighboring small towns.
 Dr. Harpe is married to Shanea Harpe (a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner), and has two children Gabriel and Lydia.  He enjoys hiking, archery hunting, fishing, running, cycling, and any other outdoor adventure when not practicing medicine.  He has a strong faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

About Shanea

Shanea Harpe has partnered with her husband, Dr. Marshal Harpe, to bring Trout Lake Clinic to the heart of our town.  Shanea grew up on a small farm in Amboy, Washington alongside Marshal.  In 1994, Shanea, her five siblings, and parents, Jim and Charlotte Lambert unanimously relocated their family home to beautiful Trout Lake on Sunnyside Road.  Trout Lake was home to our hearts immediately.
Shanea had previously trained and served in Youth With A Mission in North America and Europe before graduating from George Fox University with a B.A. in International Studies.  After making Trout Lake home, she joined her sister, Megan Pearson, for a year in Mexico, caretaking in a children’s home in Tepic, Nayarit.  After a season back in Trout Lake, working in Trout Lake School, doing mailings for local businesses, and volunteering with Jonah Ministries, now Camp Jonah, Shanea accepted a Family Teacher position in a boys’ home in Boys Town, Nebraska.  She rejoined her family in Trout Lake for Y2K, giving opportunity for Marshal to find Shanea at home here in the new year.  They had a Trout Lake wedding in June, and Shanea embarked wholeheartedly into the life of military medicine with Marshal.
Shanea gave birth to two treasured children, Gabe and Lydia, two years apart.  Raising children and desiring to feel well through chronic non-acute personal health challenges brought a growing awareness of the impact of diet and modern food choices on the body’s ability to maintain health or heal from illnesses quickly.  Shanea’s father, intrigued with the title, brought home a first edition Nourishing Traditions Cookbook in the 1990s, and then Jordan Rubin’s best seller, Maker’s Diet, followed, both very influential in Shanea’s growing and insatiable quest for food wisdom.  Shanea had always been fascinated with human biology, physiology, and health sciences, studying them as electives throughout her education.  She liked to keep abreast of her husband’s medical journals and researched continually medical diagnoses, alternative therapies, and nutrition for natural healing on the growing information highway of the Internet.  Finally she met her first Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and knew she had found her passion for merging modern science with traditional food wisdom.  She graduated and received certification as a NTP with the Nutritional Therapy Association in June 2010.
The following year, Shanea was privileged to attend the first GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner certification course in Seattle, WA with Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.
Shanea maintained her voracious appetite for research and learning, keeping her NTP certification current, as she continued to consult family, friends, and clients from her home.
It is Shanea’s great honor to partner and support her husband in his practice of medicine and in so doing, serve the Trout Lake community with Truthful Nutrition. Her greatest desire is to impart truth and support our fearfully and wonderfully made human bodies with the nourishment for which they are designed.