AGE:                                                               MONTHLY FEE:

0-17 years*                                                           $10 | $40*

18+ years                                                              $50


Payments may be made on a monthly to annual basis.  In addition, there will be a registration fee charged at initial sign-up of $50 for those age 18+y, and $40/$10 per child membership determined by enrollment plan.  This registration fee is not refundable.  If a member fails to make their monthly membership payments, then they would no longer be considered a member and would need to reenroll with the clinic, paying a registration fee up to $150 per adult member, and three months of membership advance payment.  Trout Lake Clinic encourages members to enroll in health insurance in addition to their clinic membership, of at least a catastrophic health insurance type plan, in order to cover unplanned major healthcare needs requiring emergency, hospitalization, or specialist care services, that could be very costly.


Business owners who enroll one or more non-family member employees in membership with Trout Lake Clinic will get a 10% discount for the employees, and themselves.   Please contact the office for further details or questions.


  • For children enrolled in Trout Lake Clinic, without a paying adult parent with a membership as well, the monthly fee will be $40. With a paying adult family member (membership), the monthly fee is $10/month for each child.




For large families, we offer a family plan where a family can enroll their biological/adopted children and up to two adult parents of the children for the monthly fee of $120.  Children of the family must be under the age of 18y to qualify.




Nonmembers may seek acute or routine care management through Trout Lake Clinic on a fee for service basis, until Dr. Harpe has determined that membership enrollment has reached a maximum cap of patients for care delivery.  Non-members can be booked into appointment slots not utilized by TLC Members.  Fees will include a $60 general visit fee, in addition to other potential costs listed on the Nonmember pricing sheet that can be charged based upon material, timing, and appointment needs and utilization.




Payments can be made via credit card, cash, debit, or personal check  (from a bank account in Washington/Oregon).  Arrangements can be made with the clinic to set up auto-withdrawal services, to ease the process of bill payment.  An additional fee may be added to credit card processing, to meet any credit processing service charge imposed by the credit/banking service.


Please contact Trout Lake Clinic if you have any questions.  Ph#509-395-2134