Welcome To Trout Lake Clinic (TLC)

As we quickly approach the opening of Trout Lake Clinic, located right across the street from Trout Lake Store, I get very excited, but also I do feel a little stress, as the interior doors have not yet arrived, and there are many elements to yet get in place before we can open.  My wife, Shanea, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and I will, if all goes on schedule, will be having an Open House on Saturday, 4 FEB 2017, from 10AM to 4PM, for anyone to stop on by and see the significantly remodeled building, meet my wife and I, learn more about TLC and Direct Primary Care, and the services that we plan to offer here in Trout Lake.  We will be accepting all ages into our practice, and at the present time do not have an intended enrollment cap, other than a limit of 50 enrollees from outside of the Trout Lake, BZ, Husum, Appleton, Snowden, and Glenwood communities.  The reason for the current enrollment cap outside of those locations is to prevent a flood of people from outside the local community seeing the highly economical bargain rates we offer for medical care, and traveling extended distances, when they already have plenty of adequate care in their respective communities.  Our mission is to serve the local community in and around Trout Lake specifically, with intent to work with our enrolled patients toward a team and inspiring effort to achieve improved levels of health.  Their will be the available option for individuals electing not to become members, to seek out acute appointments not already booked by TLC members, although there will be a fee for service at each visit for non-members, plus the potential for additional itemized costs based upon care delivered and products/materials/time utilized.  I hope to be able to show you the benefits of being a member, with the potential to reduce your current insurance coverage to a higher deductible catastrophic plan, with included full access to myself (through my cell ph, email), should an acute need arise outside of regular business hours.

Shanea and I are so happy that we moved to beautiful Trout Lake, upon my retirement from military service.  We are excited to meet our “neighbors” and hope that we can help you achieve greater levels of health.  Come check us out.  “We care about you!”


Dr. Harpe

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