Why Consider Trout Lake Clinic For Your Care?


  • 24hr access to your Family Physician via email, text, phone or clinic visit
  • Very low cost for Primary Care = typically less than the monthly cell ph bill (potential cost savings from your current comprehensive health insurance plan = by reducing to necessary basic catastrophic plan)
  • No insurance or managed care hassles or barriers
  • Close and convenient to home
  • Some available on-site common prescription medications for acute needs (potentially 1 less future trip down to town) sold at our costs
  • Available Nutritional Therapy Practitioner counseling with paid membership for up to 1 visit monthly
  • Adequate time made to address your need(s), either the same day or next day (care when you need it), with the same provider (continuity)
  • Negotiated lowest available cash vendor costs for Radiology, Lab, and Pharmacy services
  • Option of local home visits for those in need
  • Some on-site non-CLIA required labs
  • Most minor procedures included for members at no extra cost
  • Specialty care consultation included when necessary
  • On-line convenient appointment booking available
  • Option to cancel membership at any time if not satisfied with services

*** A Direct Primary Care Practice membership is not health insurance, and all individuals are encouraged to maintain a health insurance plan in addition to their TLC membership to cover emergent/hospitalization/specialty care or catastrophic unexpected health care needs that might arise.

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