What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a state approved medical program developed by physicians fed up with the headaches, hassles, extra and unnecessary costs, and barriers created by insurance companies getting their money greedy fingers entwined in care delivery by a primary care clinic.  DPC is not insurance, but rather is a medical service designed to simplify and improve medical care delivery to the consumer.  Unlike Concierge Care, DPC is designed to be fully affordable and obtainable by all economic income levels.  DPC is based upon a cash membership fee that provides you with full access to your provider and their contact information, as we all know acute care needs can crop up even after office hours have ended.  Most all services that can be provided within the walls of the primary care clinic are included in your monthly fee, and you can see your provider when you want, with the time to address your health needs, and with no extra hidden fees or copays.  Essentially, the goal is a partnership between your provider and you, with the hope of improving your overall health, and providing peace of mind that your physician is there for you when you need.

Check out this great cartoon video developed by another DPC practice (R health), as it is very helpful in explaining Direct Primary Care and the benefits it provides:

[vimeo 103266417 w=640 h=360]

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