Why Your Doctor Cannot Look You in the Eye in Modern Medicine

I have attached an interesting and very true video of one of the major problems with our current “modern” medical system, and the significantly negative impact of the electronic health record on the patient to doctor relationship in the exam room.  This issue is one of the big reasons that I am practicing as a Direct Primary Care model of practice, where I can spend as much time as I feel I need with my patients without being under the direct control of insurance and managed care.  I do document in an electronic health record, but at the present time I do my documentation after the patient is gone.  It could get to the point that I too may have to succumb and document during the patient visit, but I am very aware of the negative impact it makes upon ‘hearing directly from the patient what their core issues are and impedes the care interaction.’

Video link:    Why Your Doctor Will Not Look You in the Eye

I hope your next clinic experience is not impeded by the EHR.  Have a great finale to your summer.


Marshal Harpe

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