June = Cancer From the Sun National Awareness Month

Today does not fit the bill for a hot and bright, sunny day, but rather a good one to put another fire log in the fireplace and snuggle up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea . . . yet, even on grey rainy days like today, there are some penetrating harmful UVA/UVB rays coming through the atmosphere to increase our risk of associated skin cancers.

I came across the below helpful patient handout from PEPID (open the link below) that helps anyone to assess the ABCDE’s that we utilize in medicine to help determine if a skin lesion could be portraying potential cancerous qualities, in addition to some simple protective awareness methods, so that when the sun is bright and hot, and we are more inclined to get out in it, we do not get burnt to a crisp and increase our skin cancer burden and risk.  If you practice the Marshal Harpe, red-headed, pale skin, sun protection methodology, you try to always remember a long-sleeve shirt and brimmed hat, as well as some 15+ SPF block to help keep the pale skin protected and not scorched on the really hot and sunny days.

FYI, Shanea, if you ask her, will be glad to provide specific guidance from her extensive research on what are the best natural and non-harmful (least man-formulated and with minimal to no chemical pollutants and toxins) options of protective skin block available . . . as an example, she recently bought me a zinc oxide bar that will work great for nose and ears, providing that outdated style display of bright zinc marks to the exposed body; however, I still have not figured out how to easily get that all-over body application with a tiny, solid bar of zinc, should I go crazy and expose the sun-deprived, fish-belly white skin areas for a few minutes . . . I guess I could always wipe on some stylish zinc stripes or plaid checks, or even scribe some words to my body to show the effectiveness of a good sunblock covering on exposed skin to direct sun 🙂

Some healthy sun exposure is good, to help our bodies generate the necessary vitamin D stores that support so many vital body functions, but be aware, as there is definitely a point of getting too much of a good thing.  Happy sunny days ahead! V/r, Marshal Harpe

Skin Cancer ABCDEs Link

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